Textile and apparel industry bright spot

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-25
Although the main growth are flat, but 2015 textile and clothing sector is not lack of attraction. Among them, the transformation of mergers and acquisitions and heroes winners in the camp. Looking ahead to 2016, in the end demand is difficult to have the background of explosive growth, transformation is the industry's still hot. In 2016 is expected to improve industry external factors, cotton prices and international oil remained low, help enterprise cost maintain stability; Depreciation is expected to benefit the export-oriented enterprises, industry leading layout overseas production capacity to make industry to upgrade to industrial chain advantage from low cost advantage. In addition, the industry & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Plan will encourage intelligent manufacturing and industrial fiber usage continues to grow, subdivision industry leading enterprises is expected to have improved performance. Inventory coming to an end to 1-2015 Total retail sales of social consumer goods in September year-on-year growth to 10. 4%, down 1 year on year. 5%. At the bottom of the terminal consumption in wandering, no obvious warming trend. Since 2015, although the weakening trend of garment consumption basic lasted for 2014 years, but growth has stabilised, and in the month of individual better progressly. 1 - Year-on-year growth of 10 September. 2%, with the same period last year, the clothing consumption is no recovery, but the niche has showed signs of recovery. From fundamental plate rotation, sub industries adjust order usually sports shoes and leisure clothing, home textiles, men's shoes, men's wear, high-end men's and women's clothing. Current rotation has to men's clothing industry, men's wear industry in 2016 is expected to bottom performance flexibility is bigger, lingerie and infant child industry is in a stage of rapid growth, high-end men and women with a low, remains to be recovery. Development of industry the company shows two trends. First is the integration of channels, channels to flatter, supply chain efficiency. Such as anta, semir company as an example, take the initiative to cut the agent level, master data terminal and the workings of the channel, reduce the premium rate, improve product price, eventually achieve the goal of expanding the terminal sales. Followed by the platform, the transition from heavy to light assets, rather than producers become resources integration, has become the big platform for connecting suppliers and distributors, fully improve resource utilization, such as the home of sea billow, xinmin technology. Transformation of mergers and acquisitions will continue despite certain textile and apparel industry cycle resistance, but as growth is to enter the new normal, around the transformation and upgrading, the industry has been the capital operation of the high incidence area, is expected in 2016 is still a great year in the transformation of industry mergers and acquisitions. From the point of transformation direction, around the main extension industry chain formed ecosystem, crossover double still is the main idea of the transformation of business operation. In the first two kinds of capital operation, put growth is expected to more sure mark will continue to be a common way. The sports industry will be one of the main direction of industry transformation. Along with the sports industry to introduce more market-oriented means, predicts 2025, the sports industry total more than 5 trillion yuan, the sports industry will usher in the golden decade. At present, sports goods, clothing shoes and hats in the production and sales growth is slowing, high added value and high profit margins of sports services ( Upstream resources and middle media) But in the doldrums for a long time. Traditional sports clothing enterprises need to find a breakthrough to the upstream industry chain resources integration, will be the future development trend. Listed companies have noble bird from companies such as multiple layout for the sports industry. Children's wear industry fundamentals will much better than other industries. As the baby boom, the two-child policy fully liberalised and increasing disposable income of residents as a whole, to the children's clothing consumption will gradually rise. According to the National Bureau of Statistics released '2012 - Children's wear industry report 2015, children's wear industry in GDP growth of 25% to 30%; This year China's infant clothing cotton products and commodity market capacity will reach 2279. 800 million yuan, the scale of children's wear industry in 2017 will exceed 300 billion yuan. And with further enhance industry concentration, the phasing out of small and medium-sized enterprises and resources together to leading enterprises, promoting the core competitiveness. In the face of considerable market prospect, clothing brand enterprise all to accelerate children's wear industry layout, most of the existing industry leading brand in the denotation expansion + benign development stage of endogenous growth driven together. As children's clothing of choose and buy more and more attention to safety, comfort, fashion and can match, industry share concentration is gradually to the brand leading company. The huge consumer market revolves around women & other; Throughout her economic &; Is a hot spot in another transformation. According to statistics, at present domestic has reached 4 female consumer groups. 800 million people, this part of the consumer groups have more income and more opportunities. “ Throughout her economic &; Related consumption industry is broad, the market capacity for at least 5 trillion yuan of above, tuyere is expected to become the future consumption industry continues to grow. As the mainstay of the consumer market, the group of women as disposable income and the rise of the social status of stage, show higher consumption expenditure elasticity and purchase enthusiasm. Optional survey, women in the consumer goods clothing, underwear, cosmetics, medical beauty, travel, jewelry, etc, growth and investment opportunities than essential consumer goods market, optional consumption will be the industry one of the main driver of growth. In addition, with the rapid development of Internet has & other; Throughout her economic &; Business model innovation. Based on women as the main body of vertical electrical business and social power, and the booming of many medical beauty O2O companies. These targets have certain potential relevance with textile and apparel stocks. Aspects of listed companies, lancy shares held several overseas mergers and acquisitions, ecosystem around fashion mark mainly relates to cosmetics and other industries, the positive value improvement.
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