Textile and garment industry in the second half of 2015 report | industry information | dongguan hai hong yu garment factories

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-25
Entities operating textile and garment industry or have dip: the overall economic situation in three or four quarter may be signs of stabilising, textile and garment industry has been leading in the up, the various data shows that the industry's fundamentals have bottomed out. Consumer retail corner. 1 - In June, the clothes kind of CPI rise, after three years again into & other; 3' Era. Physical channel sales and sales growth is far more than the same period last year: in the first quarter of this year, with hundreds of stores clothing sales increased 3. With 9%, sales increased 5. 9%; The traditional sales season may terminal data recovery, with hundreds of stores clothing sales increased 6. 1%, sales increase with 6. 9%, year-on-year increase in 0, respectively. 7% and 9. 3%, showed a trend of obvious rise price falls. At the same time, consumer confidence since the bottom in 2013 gradually pick up, people's income has risen steadily, to clothing consumption power is follow-up provides the foundation; Textile and apparel industry recovery of investment in fixed assets. 1-2015 In may, the clothing shoes and hats industry fixed asset investment growth is 28. 09%, year-on-year increase of 10. 2%. From the point of upstream, PTA prices fell, chemical fiber industry to capacity, accelerating the process polyester production enterprise obvious benefit. Cotton subsidies policy implementation landing, cotton prices stabilised, state reserve cotton gradually to the market, cotton spinning enterprises from market volatility. The textile industry and clothing manufacturing low-end capacity further to the outside, high-end manufacturing enterprises still have bigger bargaining space; Microscopic perspective, textile and garment industry listed company 14 in the fourth quarter and this year's 1 quarter performance better than the same period last year, half annals advance enterprise increase. A quarterly results this year, the industry listed company net profit growth of - as a whole 4. 7 85%, year-on-year increase. 5%; The overall gross margin of 27%, up 3% from a year earlier. 吗? Industry stocks investment face style switch: in the first half of the textile and garment industry led the rally, but also has a significant correction in June. With extension imagination dominant share price growth to a halt, textile and clothing sector in the second half of the investment will focus on the steady growth and the development of the extension of the ground. Plate led to reveal fundamental transformation is expected. 1 - In June, textile and clothing sector as a whole gains for 96. 82%, ranked third in the all level of industry, far in excess of the shenzhen component index ( 30. 17%) And the csi 300 ( 26. 58%) 。 Plate strong growth market is the result of expectations of transformation and upgrading of industries and companies. Clothing retail presents the trend of parity, the volume, the textile manufacturing upstream industries such as facing the changes of the demand and capacity to southeast Asia. Industry fundamentals in the bottom of the historic turning point facing industry of listed companies, investors on the company's main business upgrading and extension transformation expectations have increased. Internet + transformation such as theme will still be the most attractive investment direction. Still is the main melody of the development of Chinese economy transformation and upgrading, particularly in the textile and apparel such traditional industry, the focus of the industry, both inside and outside are concentrated industries and traditional Internet + fusion. 13 years, the industry are also keen on O2O, cross-border investment in the field of electricity, intelligent and 15 in the second half will continue this quotation, still actively optimistic about such topics. But later there will be a strong group of narrative, poor actual cashability of the company, will pay more attention to Internet + transformation cashability and valuation of the company's performance.
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