Textile and garment outlook 2016: grasping the main line of the three

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-26
Year-to-date, textile and clothing sector has risen, outperform nearly 70%, textile and clothing sectors were ranked the top reason in where? Improved demand side? What the investment opportunities and thinking of the next year? Best analysts - 2015 Oriental wealth prominent hai-yan guo, an analyst at cicc textile and apparel industry, told reporters that the textile and clothing sector this year led by reason mainly has two aspects, the first is the background and the whole macro economy, the diversity of channel expansion of the competition of brand resources; The second is the middle of a brand clothing plate some structural changes; The third is the plate down, but the cash flow is better, small market, the market for plate transformation and reorganization is expected to exist. In addition, hai-yan guo said, textile and garment industry demand side structural change is very obvious, grasp the structural change of the company will have a good performance. Hai-yan guo pointed out that, in view of the textile and clothing sector next year, can grasp the three main line, population structure change of sports consumption, her economic and business transformation. Hai-yan guo reminded investors, however, need to pay attention to the two big risks, cotton prices and the influence of the pact is the influence of the medium and long term. Two big reasons for textile and clothing sector led by former journalist: in your opinion, textile and clothing sector this year or where is the top of the bottom of the reason? Hai-yan guo: I think there are a couple of reasons. First of all, the whole macro economy background, extensive expansion is a big trend of the domestic channels is very serious, we not only have department stores and shopping centers, excess supply itself of the offline channel; At the same time, online there are many competitive electric business platform. So, in this case, we deeply felt in the process of channel expansion of the brand is king, that is to say, a brand may be offline for multiple channel, its entire profit, performance is relatively better. Second, in our whole brand clothing sector is also appeared some structural changes in the middle. For example, we from the Angle of the world, like the movement of the Nike, adidas, and there are many & other Fast fashion & throughout; Brand is very popular, have also made some leading domestic brand has been a big success, compared with the traditional brand, their typical features: inventory turnover is very fast, low markup percentage. Markup percentage is a more important indicator, we is equal to the retail price divided by the cost of its production. So, in this multiples, the traditional brands need turnover LiangSanBaiTian, 5 - then markup percentage Eight times, but the new operation mode of the leading brand, they might be within 100 days of inventory turnover, it is only 2 markup percentage. 5 - Three times, for example, the production cost of 100 yuan, it is only 250 - 300 yuan is sold to consumers. From the perspective of the consumer trend of the world, young people are more cost-effective, fast fashion, leisure sports brand. Reporter: after these years of adjustment, in your opinion, textile and garment industry demand side better? Industry fundamentals have improved? Hai-yan guo: if we speak the words on demand, or am I just said the structural changes. Before China experienced such a stage, especially in 2004, in 2005, the relationship of special prosperous time, at that time if a suit is bad to sell the list price is 999 yuan, adding a 2, 3, immediately sold out, and even some companies sell suit is in the history of tens of thousands of yuan a, then the clothing consumer preference is & other; You don't buy & throughout; , because there were no smartphones and other popular consumer electronics, travel and entertainment such as soft consumption has not rise, so many people like wearing beautiful, wear your is just the embodiment of self-worth. But now, the whole demand side real change is the young people want to spend less money to wear more clothes. Young people will make purchase decision in three aspects: first is the price, the price must be cheap, the second quality is better, these two aspects together is cost-effective, another element is fashion. Must say clothing consumption demand growth, this is not, but it's very obvious structural changes. Grasp the structural change of the company has a good performance. Grasping the main line of the three
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