The 24th humen clothing SEC and humen fashion week each work in an orderly way

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-28
On the morning of October 24, my town held the 24th ( Humen) International garment fair and humen fashion week ( In the fall) Meeting for the first time. ZhenWei deputy secretary and mayor Deng Weihong, head of the town, such as leadership and related functional departments attended the meeting. Vice mayor Huang Peimin introduces the suit with an overview of the SEC and preparation. According to the uniform SEC main venue located in humen convention and exhibition center, in addition to have brand fashion zone, clothing apparel printing creative exhibition of static display, such as 11 games also have a fashion show, and more than professional BBS activities. The suit SEC earnestly implement the 'science and technology, fashion, green' the industry new orientation, emphasis on creativity, radiation, gathered force, driving force and influence, promoting the humen clothing industry transformation and upgrading, power humen create middle-income, open the fashion of modern coastal city. To suit the preparation and implementation work, my town set up VIP any queries, propaganda and coordination, materials, the organizing committee, ZongZhi defend group, security group, municipal environmental sanitation seven groups. During the meeting, each team related departments in accordance with their respective responsibilities, head of the division of labor, report to the SEC related preparatory work progress. Deng Weihong stressed by the SEC; to guide and promote the development of humen clothing industry to a higher, further expand the humen clothing brand influence; To attach great importance to the various functional departments, close cooperation, the preparation will do fine, make sure the SEC successfully held. The 24th in China ( Humen) International garment fair and humen fashion week ( In the fall) ( Hereinafter referred to as take SEC) On November 21, opening in dongguan humen exhibition center, roll over 4 days. In order to ensure the uniform SEC each work in an orderly way, recently, humen town, dongguan city, a suit SEC meeting for the first time. Meeting, dongguan humen town mayor Deng Weihong requires the whole town cooperate with various departments, SEC on the hand do new features, new luminescent spot, a new level. As in previous years, the SEC's uniform is still colorful theme activities, will have the opening celebration, all kinds of garments, fabrics, accessories, stylist original exhibition, trade merchants to negotiate orders, peak BBS, media events and other activities, as well as the enterprise special fashion conference, fashion conference at home and abroad, the twentieth 'humen cup' international youth design ( Women's clothing) Competition, the 7th China ( Humen) International children's clothing design competition, in 2019, dongguan city worker clothing online designer skills contest finals and so on more than 10 fashion show. At the same time also in humen town mall, fabirc market, electricity industrial park and other places has nearly 20 at the venue, convenient participating enterprises, buyers, such as interactive, procurement negotiations.
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