The appearance of glamorous clothing wholesale electricity cannot hide the bitter legacy of the vicious competition

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-09
E-commerce can be said to be in the career of hot flashes, now young people may have said a lot in this, of course each industry also came in quickly, whether big or small, large products large discharge eight pieces will let Courier company delivered to you, is also more convenient oh, is to take back their spend some time to assemble, this also helps to develop intelligence, save money but also improved the intelligence, the what is there against it? Small such as wearing, mouth, the hand to play, nothing in this world can't find in electronic commerce. Believe that in this whole piece of e-commerce market, clothing is accounted for a large proportion, now I also often hear people say I found a good online han edition dress, also some people thought that online retail clothing, why don't I make clothing wholesale also online? So I can save the cost, so more close the price gap between online and offline, so that more people can also be in line to buy suitable clothes and cheap. Actually now after so many years of development, online in the killing of chaos, as if also could not spell a life-and-death. But you make it sound so, I think you may online clothing sales is more popular, even if we the singles day, the day the Numbers is pretty scary, even in our powerful M peoples called for singles day mode. But electricity may not be so easy, also looks glamorous about what? Electrical business leaders are actually take money rapid expansion, fight users, advertising, and flow, spell price, than is who first don't stay up. In all kinds of activities every appliance merchant bosses losing in the traffic and money, due to the increase in costs, e-commerce sites from their own management to maintain equilibrium profits, even become can only rely on financing to keep burning money survival, against the burning money doing at a loss to investors buy and sell, is the result of vicious competition, pushing the electricity marketing costs, advertising costs, rising distribution logistics cost pressure to breath. Later, why JD mall to abandon all free shipping, why so many group-buying collapsed layoffs, all because of the large electric merchants had the cost of capital, to take various measures to reduce costs, to cope with electricity winter. In fact, our bosses in kill small clothing wholesale company is also followed the bosses, hard to spell advertising, rob traffic, until a chance, I heard some clothing wholesale company spends how much is for advertising, his clothing and pressure to a low price, and then as if she were spell but also heard that some companies give up again in the market, return to rational, in fact I think a vicious cycle of the whole market is come from our dealer to misunderstand, or our customers picked up cheap, cause some of our customers, later to see other people's clothing prices, see anything expensive, clearly some are special clothing, still think the price is high, this may be the result of the low price '. We must point out the industry market, electricity capital of winter, winter is not equal to the electronic commerce industry of China's e-commerce industry after ups and downs of growing pains, is gradually return to rational management, into the important turning point of the healthy development track, this is very important to the future development of the electricity industry. The healthy and steady development of the industry, this is a good thing for businesses, it is more for our customers to develop steadily, merchants vicious competition, offline customers will also be disorderly, so for the whole market environment is not good, so I hope clothing wholesale business can be more healthy development.
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