The benefits of wearing masks of the four seasons

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-06
Non-woven mask mask can not only timely isolated bacteria, air in the dust, fog, and can better protect the respiratory tract, and special dry facial skin spring wind, can make facial skin pm2. 5 mask skin blowing a layer of skin, wear masks to protect facial skin, beauty mask of girl can take a bigger masks to protect the neck piece, younger autumn the weather is very cold, and very dry, have oral disease people wear masks to better protect the respiratory tract, have rhinitis people wearing surgical masks as less as possible during the winter weather is cold, and cold crowd, haze weather, wear masks timely isolated bacteria in the air, can better protect their own immune system, had better take PM2. 5 mask spray paint to choose mask is 3 m masks, built-in activated carbon, can effectively isolate formaldehyde and metal elements.
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