The classification and characteristics of surgical masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-24
As environmental pollution, many people go out all wear gauze masks and the medical general air particle size less than 5 microns in bacteria or virus called air transmission; Will air particle size in above 5 microns bacteria or virus, called the droplet infection. Throughout human history, there was a lot of related to respiratory disease outbreaks, depending on the source of the infection, usually can be divided into the following three categories. ( 1) TB bacteria like before the invention of penicillin, is mainly caused by tuberculosis bacili infectious, at that time the mortality rate is very high, caused great panic in society. ( 2) Dust class is engaged in the mining industry workers, once had also due to the infection of unknown lung diseases, caused extensive anxiety practitioners, after find out for fine dust particles cause lung silicon AD cool-headed disease ( Commonly known as silicosis) And instead of infectious diseases to be classified as occupational diseases. ( 3) Virus type of spring and autumn season is easy to the outbreak of the flu, are mainly caused by the influenza virus. The SARS disease should be classified as viral respiratory tract infections. The current} Medicine on viral infectious diseases, there is no specific, SARS is not exceptional also, rely mainly on SARS patients' own antibodies. Masks are people familiar with the commonly used facial protection articles. According to the use of materials can be divided into the gauze masks, paper disposable sterile masks, superfine fiber filter material masks, activated carbon masks, etc.
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