The classification of dust mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-29
The classification of dust mask: according to its structure and operation principle are divided into two categories: self-priming filter type and gas type. Self-priming filter type: referred to as 'filter type mask work principle is to make the air containing harmful after a respirator filter material filter evolution and then be inhaled, Cut off gas supply type: it is to point to will and pests of clean air source, after a dynamic effect, such as air compressor, tightening the cylinder equipment management and confessions of mask to the person's face. Self-priming filter type dust mask some of the structure is divided into two: one is the mask mask, we can briefly understood as it is a mask shelf; Another is some of the filter material, including for dust filter cotton and gas chemical filter cartridge, etc. Self-priming filter type dust mask, contains many kinds of type: half plane type: only the respiratory organs, Mouth and nose) Cover the mask. Comprehensive type: the mask can cover all the facial contains the eyes; Electric supply type: after that the battery and motor drive, containing harmful substances will air pumped in filter material filter after confession to breathe. Half a face mask can be divided into: free maintenance type: this mask is given priority to with dust, the main body and is the unity of the filter material, can't replace the filter material; Low maintenance type: the main body of this mask is not replaceable parts, such as damage to replace all the mask; General maintenance type: the mask of the parts have damaged can be replaced individually, usually also want to pay attention to maintenance.
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