The clothing small - knowledge - Different clothing materials long before wash

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-18
Every pieces of clothing has the best cleaning cycle, have the frequency or poses a health risk to cleaning not in time. How long will it take to get to how material of clothes to wash, wash is the best to the body, you know? Hong yu clothing today will solve this minor health knowledge for everyone. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Needle and thread splicing printing 1 leisure T-shirt. Clothing: T-shirt, close-fitting clothes and silk clothes every time after wearing sweat will breeding ground for germs, so a T-shirt and close-fitting clothes they best to do every time I wash. Wash your socks should not be more than 40 ℃, the water temperature of socks will shrink and hardening. Silk light resistance is poor, so don't in the sunlight, the best in a cool ventilated place dry. 2. Chest: wear after 3 ~ 4 times article chest cannot wear more than two days in a row, because the shoulder straps, etc. It takes about 24 hours to rebound time, if continuous wear chest life will shorten. Suggestions how to prepare a few pieces of text chest change in the way, when a text chest in 3 ~ 4 times, even doesn't look dirty should be cleaned, because close-fitting clothing easily from dander and sweat, breeding ground for bacteria. When cleaning, it is recommended to use soap, cold water hand wash, do not force or rub, to prevent deformation, spread out to dry. 3. Pajamas: wear close-fitting gown after 3 ~ 4 times, if not to wash, microorganism and flaking skin cells will be a lot of accumulation in pajamas, bring health risks. It is best to use cold water when washing hand washing, and in the shade to dry, or the sun will make pajamas metamorphism, yellow, shorten service life. 4. Jeans: wear after 4 ~ 5 times over washing may result in jeans fade or wear. When cleaning the jeans inside out to wash in cold water, then hang to dry in the shade. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Depth splicing leisure jeans 5. Within the inner pants: new pants must wash before wear new buy pants to wear in the body, without washing in a very bad for health. This is because the clothes in the process of production in order to beautiful, often use a variety of chemical additives. Such as shrinkage, use formaldehyde resin processing; Whitening, use fluorescent whitening agent to handle more; A crisp, general sizing processing. These chemicals are generally of stimulus to human skin. In addition, in order to moth-proofing, mouldproof, pest control, disinfectant, was in the stimulus to human skin also. And clothing can have a few formaldehyde residue, also can have harm to the body. So the new dress must use clean water washing again, hang dry in ventilated place to wear. The same goes for the new pants to clean inside. Don't let the trousers for the night, or a large number of bacteria breeding, will make it difficult to clean. In addition, the pants can best hand wash clean, or a separate cleaning, try not to wash with trousers, socks. A washing machine is not clean, at the same time may lead to the spread of germs; 2 it is washed by hand can increase the density of friction, local clean, so you can wash pants in more clean. 6. Sports equipment: every time after wearing you have shed much sweat in your workouts and your sports equipment also experienced the same challenges & ndash; — A lot of sweat tear and adhesion in the above. The best way to protect them is returned home immediately washed by hand, either sweat less yoga or drenched boxing exercise class. Professionals recommend 30 minutes of soap bubble or washed by hand in cold water, then hung out to dry. Reduce machine wash and drying as far as possible, like treat you in garment with sports equipment. Only, you need to prepare many sets of clothing for replacement, also give us some time to heal elastic clothes. 7. Socks: wash a day if you want to keep your feet & other Happy & throughout; The state, should be replaced with a new pair of socks in the morning. As for the cycle, is also a day to wash. Some & other; Lazy cancer & throughout; Patients can accumulate them to a week or more, if you still put the socks with the pants to a piece, I would be their only. Experts suggest that the best way to clean socks is the flip side, washed by hand in the water temperature of 40 c. Avoid dry, flat to dry.
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