The competitive clothing wholesale industry also to go high-end brand route of the atmosphere

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-28
Chance to hear people say so a word - — Promising industry is very competitive, for me in the wholesale apparel industry, I think this is quite fierce industry competition, then can I as clothing wholesale line is so promising? Every year can be said to be a lot of people be in garment industry, there are also many people pull out, may be to do this, many industries have different people to try, but always have to dig gold, also heard reports before, said some brand clothing chain offline chain stores have many were closed, this news let me understanding of clothing brand, too. Brand clothing this or I would also like to know there is a status symbol, some people also like to wear clothes, may also feel more face. Clothing also many, the brand in the local brands in China also in rapid development, can say a lot of people want to own clothes made of a brand, by joining the distribution of these on their own clothes to sell to all over the country, but in the clothing wholesale business, may be more than a brand niche, is not the mainstream, although you can do online synchronous wholesale, but the real brand is likely to be a long process, enterprises from small to do big, do bigger and stronger, this may also be a process of ordinary people can't afford to, from fabric more material to the spirit of enterprise culture, the design idea, a piece of clothing to make 70% of the people love, is not easy, because only the most people like to have the consciousness of the purchase, in order to occupy a larger market, let the brand become a brand. Clothing brand in recent years, the concept of high frequency, a lot of people are still questioning the value of the business, network data shows that from 2010 to 2013, the network independent brands quickly occupy the market share, compared to the same period in 2013, 2010, clinch a deal have network women's total market share of 13% to 40%. Network is a big world, in the network world, less than local hypermarkets things oh, clothing is popular, humen clothing is exhibited tau kok in the online world, combined with the local electrical mall past is completed, the clothing wholesale market online is now, people can easily wholesale to the humen cheap high quality clothing. You also is not hard to find, in fact, many businesses are registered trademarks, clothing wholesale to also want to make a brand, you also have such confidence, the government also gave us the confidence. Some people wear clothes may be vanity, but some people are attracted to the brand culture, personal understanding of the brand may be high-end atmosphere grade, but I'm really not deeply to understand a brand culture, style beautiful many people will go to get it anyway. Even if higher prices would someone rob to want. Do clothing wholesale, of course, just not the same, design is good-looking also can have a lot of people like, but the price is too high may not have had a, because everyone in the calculation, so down in the local market can have sales, their price is too high than others to buy the brand, because it is after all a brand, if the price is too low and cost is very high, oneself also have no profit, so for clothing wholesale, it is more cautious. I think clothing wholesale industry brand effect is not to say that you have registered trademark, you are a brand, I feel or want to let everyone can accept our price, design, quality and so on factors, only let everyone accepted, formed a good reputation among the masses, let people come to you, the thought of wholesale clothing impressed deeply in the mind of others.
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