The correct way of wearing the surgical masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-10
A lot of friends all like to wear disposable masks or surgical masks, so the correct way of wearing the masks have? Surgical masks the method of use: 1, whether the disposable masks, or surgical masks, actually has positive and negative oh, take disposable masks, color depth is positive, positive should outwards, and surgical masks and nose clip on metal strip. 2, positive to face should be the opposite of surgical masks, also is the color lighter side, in addition, pay attention to the article with a metal part should be above the mask oh, don't wear the wrong. 3, positive and negative points clear mask, top, bottom, after they clean first, determine if the mask is properly, will be at the ends of the rope on the ear. 4, the last step, also is the most important step, is also the problem of the metal article mentioned before, the masks worn after, need to compress the bridge of the nose with both hands on either side of the metal strip, make masks the top close to the bridge of the nose, and then down the stretch mask, there is no fold masks, best cover nose and mouth oh, so the effect of the surgical masks will be better. To wear the mask, a lot of people like chuai conveniently in your pocket or handbag, but often place the money in pockets and purses, it is easy to cause large infected with pathogenic microorganisms, such as when wearing instead, easy to cause disease. The correct way is: take to prepare a clean plastic bags, each mask wear after the mask in the aspects of folded into a plastic bag after installed inside, to fit into a pocket or purse.
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