The development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang constantly location advantages more apparent

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-31
Xinjiang urumqi train station will be: west, east to the west the important import and export commodity distributing center and station, the unique geographical location advantages will show the charm of the xinjiang. 'China kyrgyzstan uzbek euro-asian continental bridge' the railway is completed, will change the traffic situation of xinjiang and even the entire western, more conducive to clothing industry and clothing with related countries and regions to further improve and strengthen the circulation channel, better the resource advantage and geographical advantages in xinjiang are rounded up, connect the xinjiang market and the domestic and international market, the domestic and foreign resources continue to have something connection, communication, Chinese and foreign, integration advantages, the effect of comprehensive development. Although is the national important cotton producing area in xinjiang, but due to the lack of their apparel industry chain, so the clothing market in xinjiang has been relying on the mainland's clothing manufacturer to produce, and then through the xinjiang are exported to overseas, the development of the apparel industry in xinjiang in the future will be on business to promote trade, industry and trade, domestic trade market in prosperity, promote the clothing trade of yao and Russia and so on; East apparel industry transfer favorable opportunity, and develop various provinces and cities of xinjiang advantage policy, capital, establish linkage with commercial and trade center of garment industrial park, promote the development of garment industry cluster; To promote industry development, modern exhibition activities in a variety of economic and trade activities drive the rapid development of the apparel industry; Increase the clothing talent training, establish multi-level clothing specialized personnel training mechanism, encourage the development of clothing design talents at home and abroad to xinjiang. After years of rapid development, the eastern region elements a sharp rise in the cost of labor, resources, environment pressure increase gradually, the eastern region advantages of textile and garment industry, needs through outward transfer 'vacate basket change a bird'; After years of financial investment and market adjustment at the same time, the construction of 'two city seven park a center' gradually improve, textile and clothing industry in xinjiang have stronger bearing capacity, combined with xinjiang's unique resources advantage, policy advantage and geographical advantages, xinjiang to undertake large scale development of textile and garment industry transfer is entering period of strategic opportunities, for the development of textile and clothing industry in xinjiang and further solid foundation of 'going out'. Clothing exports are also in constant growth of xinjiang, 1-2016 Xinjiang port exports textile and garment in October 430. 300 million yuan, compared with the same period last year ( The same below) 49. 1%. 312 export apparel and clothing accessories. 800 million yuan, an increase of 61. 8% of exports in 72. 7%. Kyrgyzstan and kazakhstan as the main export market, still keep multiplied situation exports to Russia. 1 - Port of xinjiang textile and apparel exports to kyrgyzstan in October 198. 200 million yuan, an increase of 59. 1%; Textile and apparel exports to kazakhstan. 108. 800 million yuan, an increase of 39. 5%. Port of xinjiang textile and apparel exports to Russia, 78. 000 million yuan, increased 1. 18, 61 times GDP. 1%; Textile and apparel exports to tajikistan 26. 000 million yuan, 13 year-on-year growth. 9%.
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