The development trend of clothing business model with age

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-03
Today, China is entering a rapid stage of Internet development, e-commerce, mobile Internet and O2O is change the way people live, is also changing the way business model and resource usage. The Internet and in various fields, become inevitable trend of The Times. On October 25, 2015, by the circulation of China textile industry association branch, China textile and clothing electronic commerce union, weifang city, shandong province people's government hosted & other; China textile and apparel e-commerce conference and China (2015 Weifang) Textile and apparel electricity industrial park investment promotion launching ceremony & throughout; In the shandong weifang was held under the background of it is in this arises at the historic moment, & other; Innovation, crossover, integration & throughout; As the theme of the 2015 China textile and clothing electronic commerce conference held, as well as textile professional market combination & other; Internet + flow & throughout; Patterns of innovation to explore the direction of the transformation and upgrading. The theme of the meeting is about & other; 2015 traditional textile and clothing apparel from the Internet, the transformation of crossover and integration & throughout; The meeting not only gathered many industry areas such as economy, e-commerce experts, scholars, and attracts many more from all over the country's textile and garment, director of the professional market, industrial clusters and enterprise at the meeting, discuss the transformation and upgrading of professional market development. Sun Qisheng said in his speech in 2014, weifang 615 textile and garment enterprises above designated size, advocate business wu income completed 150. 4 billion yuan, 4 year-on-year growth. 7%, the profit tax of 188. Profit of 400 million yuan, 8. 3 billion yuan, increased by 4. 5%. Weifang Milky Way international textile city is China's top ten textile professional market, are an important force in shandong province textile clothing circulation. The current rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce and the integration of textile industry, will surely create textile industry emerging formats. China ( Weifang) Textile and apparel electricity industrial park start to push the local textile industry transformation and upgrading has the vital significance. Standing vice-chairman of China's textile and apparel e-commerce alliance, ZhongFang al circulation branch, vice President of Zhu Guoxue pointed out in his speech: & other; Internet + & throughout; Are rapidly penetrate the textile and garment industry, vigorously promote the development of Internet information fusion technology and textile and garment industry, improve industry collaborative innovation, improve the level of precision manufacturing, fine management, optimize supply chain management, reduce costs, improve efficiency, speed up the textile industry to intelligence, greening, the pace of the transformation of service has become the trend of The Times. In & other; The public business, peoples innovation & throughout; Under the strategic background of China ( Weifang) Textile and apparel electricity industrial park successful start-up will further promote the local textile and garment industry combine with the Internet. Xue-jun cao said in a statement this year the State Council has issued a series of documents, encourage the development of e-commerce, promote industry & other; Internet + & throughout; Strategy, this is the textile industry and the Internet fusion depth, speed up the construction of transformation and upgrading of the textile industry textile power an important opportunity. Then, from different experts and scholars in the field of speech will China textile and apparel e-commerce to a climax. Congress held in the same period, China's textile and apparel e-commerce league committee of experts set up the meeting and textile and apparel e-commerce business innovation seminar. From the different research of 19 e-commerce experts in the field of the expert committee, donghua university professor, IBM e-business soup riot police was the director of the expert committee, director of the center for scientific development. The meeting has been clear about the branch key task, and the working principle and system. Hong yu industry followed the footsteps of The Times, step by step toward & other Innovation, crossover, integration & other; The direction of development.
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