The difference between surgical masks and ordinary mask

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-11
Mask, we all use, only used in a hospital surgical masks and what is the difference between a mask we use in our daily life? As special masks, hospital use in production and will add what specific material? Surgical masks the shape of the structure and common masks, mainly consists of the face of the mask body and taut band. Ordinary masks primarily filter sucks in air from the lungs, commonly used in the dust pollution of the environment. And surgical masks to use inner, middle and outer made from three layers, the inner material is comfortable, permeability is strong, let a person feel comfortable; Middle isolation hospital air contained virus; The outer layer can be simple filtering, the effect of dust. In the medical respirator technical requirements, standards, according to the filtration efficiency of surgical masks and inspiratory resistance has a clear rules, only satisfy the relevant product standards, are qualified. Surgical masks in the filter effect is remarkable, production materials, non-toxic and harmless, is now the hospital each department staff work must wear.
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