The difference between the disposable surgical masks and medical respirator

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-14
In 2005 the ministry of health issued a regulation on acute respiratory disease, people see a doctor ( Hereinafter referred to as the regulations) Physician during the process of receiving, requirement, the temperature _38 ℃, accompanied by respiratory symptoms ( A stuffy nose, runny nose, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, etc. ) Acute respiratory fever patients, to first provide a disposable surgical masks, avoid crossing infection and infectious diseases department and triage point physicians to standard protective measures are taken, the need to wear medical respirator. Disposable medical surgical masks and medical respirator, are severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003 after national normative management of medical products, become the new things and new measures of hospital infection control. Talked about mask in the past, everyone will think of gauze masks and has produced many cross during SARS nosocomial infection, people began to suspect that the role of the gauze mask, until finally the state food and drug administration through the experiment proved that the gauze mask does not have protective functions, people begin to pay attention to the application of disposable surgical masks and medical respirator. Figure 1 is a common disposable surgical masks, besides white, also tend to have a light blue or light green, mask material don't need a particle filter with high efficiency, although have a nose clip, on the bridge of the nose part of the stick and used to help mask, but the masks and face is not tightly closed, breathing more unobstructed, Chinese standard of disposable surgical masks, in such a structure, speaking to the wearer breathing, such as process of bacteria have effective barrier effect, filtration efficiency reached 95%, both bacteria. In the past, surgical masks is mainly used in the operating room, surgery, to prevent the doctor breathing, speaking of discharge of bacteria pollution of the surgical wound, need to wear surgical masks, to protect the patients. The ministry of health required in the regulations, to respiratory tract infection patients with suspicious disposable surgical masks, is to prevent their infection threat to other personnel within the hospital, reduce the risk of cross infection. So wear surgical masks can protect the environment and others from contamination or infection, in addition, surgical masks have a gauze mask does not have protective function, is cut off with a certain pressure liquid penetration performance, it is important for doctors, can prevent the operation of blood, body fluids, spitting on the doctor's pollution and infection. Figure 2 medical respirator filter efficiency of filtering material pass strict inspection, with the most penetrating 0. 3 micron particle content, in a 85 l/min under high flow detection efficiency shall be not less than 95%, the filter efficiency testing conditions stipulated in the standard of our country and the national occupational safety and health research ( NIOSH) N95 standards are consistent, therefore can be used in the hospital environment for various kinds of pathogenic microorganism breathing protection, is to the medical staff of management of occupational protection measures. Surface, medical respirator can have a face tightly closed structure, there are or fold of the arch, arch also has a nose clip, nose clip is hard, after pressing help masks in closed nose, long wear nose clip will not become loose, ensure and face tightly closed structure, prevent leakage, enter the breathing zone because the leakage causes of pathogenic microorganism, make high efficiency filter material play a role. In addition, according to the standard of our country, medical protective mask must have the main function of surgical masks at the same time, including bacteria filtration efficiency and block has the function of the pressure of liquid spitting, therefore can be used for surgery, and disposable products. Can say, the function of medical protective mask, besides can cover surgical masks have respiratory protective performance, wear medical respirator's primary purpose is to protect the wearer's breath security, this is the ministry of health in the regulations require the infectious diseases department and triage point of physicians to take standard protective measures, the purpose is to ensure that medical staff in the presence of respiratory infection risk in the environment of health and safety. Distinguish between medical surgical masks and medical respirator can't light the mask shape, because some surgical masks and vaulted to read the instructions and product name identification, state regulations, medical respirator annotation GB19083 conform to the national standards, medical surgical masks annotation YY069 number meet medical standards.
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