The electronic commerce field in baima clothing market power to drive the whole merchants grow up together

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-06
In e-commerce, multiple brand construction, informatization strategy, such as clothing wholesale chain began full extension. Professional market analysts believe that the net is limited, but the white horse clothing market and leading market channels under operation mode change, clothing platform will usher in a new market. White horse formally launched at the end of 2009 with 'serve China, serving the world' as the theme of power engineering, full implementation of 'going out during the first half, please come in' the second half of the marketing strategy, and begin to consciously deepening its brand influence. More charming in 2010 invested heavily to update create white horse clothing network, the electronic commerce field in power. Charming brand tour in zhengzhou set sail across the country, has been in Beijing, urumqi, liaoning, jiangsu ShuYang nishiyanagi, hunan zhuzhou national key clothing distribution center and the industry cluster area has held six station activities, white led's quality businesses and brands to carry out the supply and demand docking, and successively with the Beijing seven days, Shanghai pu, shenyang five love such as the national more than 10 regional leading market signed a strategic cooperation agreement, to achieve the effective integration of clothing sales channels. White horse clothing network transactions of launch, China merchants join, product, logistics distribution, online settlement as a whole, more than 50000 registered members and site daily IP traffic above 20000, PV flow of about 200000, total capacity of 60 million m. Website traffic growth rate among the forefront of the industry, preliminary function of online electronic transaction form traditional tangible market and the organic combination of the invisible market of e-commerce, for the white horse changnei brand merchants and opens up a new marketing channel. In recent 10 years around the white tower built down the street a large clothing wholesale market of dozens, has become the current domestic large scale high turnover of clothing wholesale trade and distribution center. White horse now gathered merchants more than 20000, staff more than 50000 people. Every day from around the region to fashion an average of more than 50 tons, annual turnover of more than billions of above. White horse also accelerate the encourage and support the establishment of the brand management, for the potential of quality brands and brand growth, the market from the rent, marketing promotion, brand promotion and personnel training support, to drive the whole businesses grow together, achieve the goal of clothing brands hatch.
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