The emergence of electricity great impact to the clothing wholesale market sales plummeted

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-10
Electricity is already thorough popular feeling, now most people have experience of online shopping, so business clothing wholesale market in recent years is also a day than a day, there are a lot of owners say they shop sales last year is about, almost every day until last year the business is good, then sometimes can sell 20000 or more a day is very normal things, but one day can sell 6 - are you watching now 7000 yuan is good, the bad one day can sell around 4000, with declining revenue they also began to some sit still, also have to think of some way to stay in business. They say the shops rent has more than 1000 yuan per square meter, about 20 square meters of shops to rent is about 250000 yuan, is the rental costs more than 20000 per month, plus electricity, labor, according to the situation this year I can only more to sell more loss, now I can't even please help people at the shop, every day to myself. There are some people who do the clothing business for many years, in more than a decade ago ah do clothing business that is good, almost every day is a busy season, at that time due to less developed clothing wholesale market, the country is the famous clothing wholesale market, they all come here to take goods from all over the country, so of course it is good to do business, with the development of all over the country in apparel, clothing wholesale market with increased, people will spread a lot of, China's consumption in the process of rapid upgrade in recent years, consumption forms also changed obviously. Personalized needs of consumers of clothing and brand awareness are more and more strong, clothing wholesale market products mainly to mid-range clothing, no longer has a huge market as they once were. At present the trend of clothing brand is increasingly significant, and the clothing brand development is generally not through the wholesale level, product direct from the factory agents to sales outlets, forms the current clothing wholesale market has more and more can't keep up with pace of market development. Circulation is long, the cost of Chinese garment industry itself on the high side, before the market is good, fast growth, everyone can make money when it doesn't matter, but now more and more fierce competition in the industry, also spread very thin profits, and consider above all is shortened circulation enterprises. Clothing production base in the coastal city, is located in the local wholesale market has a geographical advantage, however, as the production base to mainland migration, the separation of specialized market and production situation more and more, the wholesale market puts forward a new challenge to coastal areas.
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