The function and application of surgical masks

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-24
Surgical masks is a kind of common anti bacteria products within the hospital, it can prevent infection between doctors and patients, so it is highly breathable and antibacterial. The application of it to avoid the doctor in the process of treatment by the virus. The past masks the multilayer gauze or 25 - more 30 g / ㎡ nonwovens fold, also some by moulding forming nonwoven fabric, but its lack of antibacterial properties, permeability is poor. Now make masks materials more adopt method of spunlaced nonwovens or stuffed with method of melt-blown nonwovens composite material, they are soft, breathable and filter the performance is good wait for an advantage, such as with polypropylene melt-blown nonwovens masks for filtering material, the bacteria filtration efficiency can be up to more than 95%. In addition, when do surgery for patients with high adapting just-in-time inventory, in order to prevent pollution liquid splash everyone's eyes, developed a shielding type mask, that is installed in the upper portion of the mask after the anti-fog treatment of transparent resin in order to protect the safety of the medical staff.
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