The future foreign trade clothing factory dongguan what great changes will occur on the fabric?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-23
Plastic is probably the past clothing for one hundred years the most controversial one invention. But now it seems that it into fate cannot be reversed. As a bud silk dress factory dongguan hong yu garment factory with you look at how plastic powers have taught. Our clothes with polyester (more or less 聚酯) , commonly known as the 'arcade' material ( Children born in the 1980 s about to have feelings for the word) , but many people don't know, it is a raw material, with plastic and possible future completely conquered our wardrobe. Round collar accept waist short sleeve dress & ndash; — Hong yu garment factory in recent years, due to the constant shortage of cotton fabrics, polyester cotton has replaced, become the world's largest fiber production, 5. 3 million metric tons per year growth to now the annual output of more than 3000 metric tons. This number may reach more than 9000 metric tons in 2025. Is one of the most common dacron polyester fiber, this is a kind of from the crude extract of plastic, widely used in production of coke and the bottle of ketchup. When polyester melt, generates a cold honey quality, through the pores of spinneret, can form a long monofilament, put them together to form thin fiber winding, can produce the fabric. 'enthusiasm for synthetic fiber, mainly first, because it is not enough place to cotton to increase production. More importantly, we also growing demand for new clothes. I need again about 'fast fashion' again. Such as H& M and many other manufacturers 'fast fashion', choose the polyester instead of nylon or rayon, because polyester is the cheapest. With the increase of demand, we will see more and more hybrid clothing & ndash; — The future will be more than 98% of the fiber production synthetic, while 95% of synthetic fiber is polyester. Although material is cheap, but people also need not worry about polyester and hot to wear, again not breathe freely, also seem to be too low, now polyester has been technology reformation has very decent, the polyester fiber, can already be done is thinner than a human hair. No wonder some big brand also occasionally take a coincidence. Polyester future overall situation seems to have settled, it is even now one of the most popular fashion brand Sacai CommedesGar? Ons are often used. Because of its features, easy to dry polyester in sports, and leisure sports ( athleisure) Clothing is more common. Environmentalists will come out, of course, accused the non-biodegradable polyester material may cause greater burden on the earth, but on the other hand, in fact than polyester cotton water consumption, and piled up cotton ( The figure below) Is like this, should also not immediately degradation.
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