The gauze mask to prevent silica dust?

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-01
Selection of the gauze mask to pay more attention to three points: the first is the dust masks to invalid block into the respiratory tract. An invalid dust mask is necessary to avoid fine dust, special non-woven mask is less than 5 microns of dust into the respiratory tract, is must be admitted that the 'dust mask' kingdom. Must be noted that there is no dust detention ordinary gauze masks. Second is suitability, and face masks can be suitable should, maximum limit of guaranteeing the air not from face mask and facial fracture through a respirator filter into the respiratory tract, according to formulate accurate wear use. The third gauze masks, wear warm, the secondary is both to invalid block dust, and to wear masks after not breathing hard, weight light, wear health and care is very convenient. Dust mask wear long effort will drop or dust consequences, and therefore must interpret change current in accordance with the respirator use. Use to avoid crowded pressure deformation, purify water, attentive care. ( 1) Gauze mask can be used to dust, and wear warm, dust mask rest belongs to the special protective equipment, the country has special specification request for the quality. Written rules as early as in 2000 the former state economic and trade commission, gauze masks may not be used as dust mask is applied, because of the gauze mask to damage the body's largest five micron dust, dust was ten percent for as long as you, is spent money, failed to have the influence of dust to avoid damage. ( 2) Non-woven dust mask can reoccupy after washing, can be a waste of money: rare dust mask filter materials are on the market for melt-blown non-woven material, material for polypropylene, ferial are called PP melt-blown fabric, is a kind of superfine electrostatic fiber cloth, can capture dust. Dust capture by ultrafine electrostatic fibre cloth, very not easy for cleaning and leave, and the water can also destroy the electrostatic dust collection, and non-woven mask is put into cleaning, is a sex. ( 3) Just wear a dust mask would not get pneumoconiosis: see, dust mask has surely filtration volume, beyond its filtering ability, it means less dust. And on some occasions, high dust concentration should be ancestors line engineering reform to manage the dust, to reduce dust concentration to the permissible concentrations below, think again choose to wear dust mask. Second, it is not accurate for dust mask to wear also means less dust.
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