The Gospel of cross-border electricity - - - - 50 yuan of taxes and fees will be cancelled

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-04
The Gospel of cross-border electricity - - - - 50 yuan of taxes and fees to cancel cross-border electricity in recent years makes the development of more products in a more favorable price for go abroad, hong yu clothing factory own brand JASI& CO, while at the show and popular in Australia market, but you have to open the B2C market, into the ranks of cross-border electricity is urgent. Hong yu garment brand sales fortunately, out of the new government policy. Cross-border electricity standardization development & other; Throughout the last boot &; Will fall to the ground. , sources said that the cross-border electricity business tax to the implementation of the New Deal in April 8 sunset, to draw a line in accordance with the mail of tax exemption under $50 will be cancelled. Analysts believe that cross-border electricity business tax system the implementation of the New Deal will guide industry & other; By the disorderly and rule & throughout; , into the standardization and institutionalization, scale the rapid development of rail, of medium and long-term development of the industry is good. Message display, in order to reduce the impact on the general trade imports, at the same time, considering that most consumers reasonable consumption demand, set up a single trading limit of 2000 yuan, annual individual trading limit of 20000 yuan. Brand cross-border electricity hong yu garment that cross-border electricity business tax policies is of great significance, from & other; Tax & throughout; One of the most fundamental level, determine the mode and the status of cross-border electricity, on behalf of the country and the government on cross-border positive attitude in the development of electricity industry. “ Cross-border electricity after years of pilot work, through the way of line post tax on cross-border electricity business tax, this is for the temporary tax system is not perfect. But after the pilot found that line post tax tax exemption under 50 yuan cross-border electricity that causes the clearance mode of paying tax rate is too low, even, the phenomenon of the drill a loophole in the tax exemption. The tax adjustment is obviously hope to promote the long-term development of cross-border trade. Hong yu clothing factory in 2016 entered the cross-border electricity, 50 yuan of taxes and fees to cancel, means that our costs fall further, more competitive. Hope in this year's cross-border electricity.
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