The haze handbook: breathe with nose nose hair can obstruct particles 10 microns

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-18
Persistent haze weather let many people really understand to 'pain' of breathing. In 2013, the Asian development bank and other agencies issued a statement that the world's most serious pollution of 10 cities, there are seven in China. Despite the wind and the rain temporarily to disperse the haze, but when it comes again, you have the determination to protect themselves? To this end, the life times claims that Internet survey, collecting the most confused readers' top ten questions, and provide the authoritative expert verification, ask them to give scientific guidance, for you to create a 'haze necessary prevention manual'. 1. Fog and haze can make person view vague, how do we know? Fog is the water vapor condensation products, primary consists of water vapor, gauze mask is a natural phenomenon, the primary impact on the traffic; By including PM2 haze. 5 many particles floating in the air, harm to ankang is greater. Fog and haze difference through the following four aspects: 1. The range of visibility. The horizontal visibility is less than 1 km, in the fog is less than 10 km. 2. Relative humidity. The relative humidity is more than 90%, in the fog is less than 80%. 3. Gap characteristics. Fog gap is very clear, the 'fog' area to clear, but there is no significant gap between haze and clear sky area. 4. Color. Fog is milky white, bluish white, haze is yellow, orange and gray. Peng should be pointed out that, with China's urbanization process is accelerated, the city will become more and more densely, pollutant discharge base non-woven masks, then let's to do with the fog day prepare do struggle over a long period of time. 2. Haze is the most what organ injury? Haze of ankang directly first focused on the respiratory system and cardiovascular damage. Respiratory system and the external environment to touch the most frequently, hundreds of atmospheric particulates can directly enter and adhesion in the human respiratory tract and lung, meanwhile to PM2. 5, the most destructive it as long as 1/28 of a human hair, can adsorption of lead, cadmium, antimony, manganese, strontium, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and other pests, deepen the human alveolar and accumulation, bring harm to the respiratory system and even the whole body. Fog will also add the air bacteria activity, make it into the formation of human respiratory system infection. Old chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, a common respiratory diseases such as acute simple also occur. Cheng-bin xu think, heart patients, in the fog haze days exacerbate disease. PM2。 5 attached to a variety of pollutants and bacteria enter the body, after simple cause blood clots, cause myocardial infarction, stroke, etc. Other, simple haze weather also led to increased blood pressure, and then cause disease of heart head blood-vessel acute. World health arrange subordinates international cancer research agency issued statements, first pointed out that air pollution 'cancer', actually say is toxic particles PM2. 5. 3. What protective measures haze days travel to? Wear a mask. Especially poor resistance or aged, children and people with respiratory and cardiovascular disease. Don't wear contact lenses. Contact lenses can make cornea lack, but in haze weather, because the air pressure is low, can make the oxygen to the cornea, the eye dry eye acerbity sick. The tiny air pollutants may irritate eyes, eye irritation or infection. Bags wet towel. For sensitive skin, atmospheric particulate matter in the adsorption of bacteria and harmful substances, simple stick on the skin, cause allergies. When going out, just as well with a packet of wet wipes, cleaning at any time. Drink more water. To keep the respiratory tract moist. Try to breathe through his nose. Research found that different intrusive, inhaled particles accumulate in the body parts are different. More than 10 microns particles, nose hair can block 95%. Go out home, wash a face, gargle, clean the nasal cavity. Clean the nose can use clean cotton dips in water, clean again.
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