The Korean fashion women's clothing washing machine using a small misunderstanding

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-18
Every family has a washing machine, but improper use washing machine, not only the white wash clothes, also easy to make people infected with various diseases. This a few laundry myth, hong yu clothing tell you: hong yu garment & ndash; — 1 summer casual sleeveless white dress, underwear directly throw washing machine you know? A through the underwear can 100 million escherichia coli in the washing machine & ndash; — The equivalent of about 0. 1 gram of feces and stranded on a couple of weeks. Underwear must be washed by hand, compactly with the hand rub with the hands, so just washed clean and thoroughly. Rinse with warm water after, should be dry in the shade, then placed in the sun to dry disinfection. 2, washing clothes produced no washing clothes in the washing machine after rinsing, if not timely remove bacteria. If you place more than an hour, the clothes should be rinse again. In addition, remove the clothing and dry, should wash their hands in time, avoid bacteria cross infection. Hong yu garment & ndash; — Bump color printed chiffon garter design casual pants 3 feet, wash immediately cover washing machine don't cover immediately after use, should open the Windows and doors, let the moisture inside the washing machine dry on the back cover. 4, bedding, cold water XiBei sheet, pillow case and so on bedding are easy to breed dust mites, so the bedding had better take a bath once a week with hot water, and water temperature cannot under 54 & deg; C5, washing machine is not clean either washing machine, washing machine has a gap between the inner shell and the fuselage shell and in and out of the water hole, when washing, some fluff, debris, stains will be through the cracks and pores attached on the inner wall of the washing machine, or in the bottom of the sink, and breeding ground for bacteria.
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