The level of respirators contrast effect

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-19
As the air pollution is more and more serious, protective masks on the market emerge in endlessly, have a variety of categories, respirator manufacturer Hongyu Apparel is here to discuss the level of some common respirators and contrast effect. Through the classification of respirators and protection grade basically has the following categories, hope it is helpful for you to choose. A, chemical fiber mask chemical fiber mask material is the main components in chemical fiber materials, mask itself without protective barrier effect of filtering material, thus has little effect on the blocking of the dust, let alone PM2. 5 or flu virus, but always wear a than Dai Qiang point. Second, disposable masks, disposable masks main material is non-woven plus a layer of filter cloth, part of dust and PM2. 5 and the bird flu virus has the effect of a few, but for fine particles such as PM2. 5 and avian influenza virus bacteria such as block effect is limited. Three, cotton cloth mask + common filter mask PM2 impact on the market now. 5 masks than this one, a layer of cotton cloth, plus an ordinary non-woven filter from practical and beautiful visual degree is superior to the former two kinds. Four, the main material of industrial protective mask N95 mask is imitation of cotton cloth and a mask is special filter cotton, plus the mask the overall design of sealing of PM2. 5 and avian influenza viruses stop filtering effect is relatively good, the industrial dust and poisonous gas environment protection effect is good, recognition is also higher. Respirators and some species, medical respirator small make up is to briefly introduce the categories of these respirators and level effect, consulting at any time if you have any questions please contact us!
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