The mobile Internet era of new opportunities for garment industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-29
China's garment industry has four features: the big scale, high yield, low level, poor structure. Low level means the low level of our fashion design, this is also China's garment industry to make processing more upscale designer clothes, your product is difficult to become famous. China is the world's largest clothing consumer, but also the world's largest producer of clothing, but the development of Chinese clothing industry as a whole is very uneven. In the era of mobile Internet, apparel industry will usher in what new development? 1) Industrial chain to middle. The era of C2F is not far off. 2) Personalization. Personalized service mode is more and more obvious social trends today, traditional garment production will face a shift from hard production mode to flexible production mode. 3) Mass customization. Based on the digital resources to provide clients with flexible customization service, this trend will become more and more common. 4) Community tribe. Have with fun with good person with & other; Garment & throughout; As their common identity, this kind of appeal will increasingly highlighted. 5) Transfer capacity. Especially in China, our production capacity is experiencing from east to west, from south to north, and even abroad. 6) The forms of science and technology. The combination of clothing industry with intelligent hardware, and the combination of the Internet, and the combination of new materials, even with the combination of new energy is more and more closely, more and more high technology content. 7) Diversity and niche of fashion trends. Clothing trend is becoming more and more diverse and niche, the hot spot of the popular trend change speed faster and faster. 8) The production line of zero distance. With the development of 3 d and 4 d printers, ordinary customers getting closer and closer to the distance from production terminals. 9) Creative. People's imagination to dress more and more highlighted. Hong yu garment factories in the era of Internet +, innovative, enterprising, has been committed to build international fast fashion brand.
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