The most easily with the star of fashion item elements

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-25
Speak of the star is dressed up, everybody malfunctions may be quite focus on a topic, also a dress to wear on different stars always lets a person huff. But hong yu clothing small make up to say today is not the same dress, but with different elements in stars, although it is different to wear, but it USES a similar clothing elements, we can learn from them to more fashionable, also can sparkle provoking love! Elements: a fishtail skirt hem fishtail skirt, in the name of the little mermaid, give dress beautiful color, tail hem, added rich for dress sense, cracked the drab password, not only have administrative levels feeling, at the same time, give a person feel flexible tension. Element 2: basic is stripe splicing shirt striped shirt? No, when a striped shirt, joining together the different colors instantly become fashion personality. Like taking photos of the MM, under the lens not only show thin, stitching color piece also can let you become the focus of the lens. Three elements: not dew dew shoulder v-neck summer, you may be false in the summer. So where the dew, dew, it is worth pondering. Dew shoulder shoulder is not equal to one word, the sleeves on both sides of the natural slide, seemingly inadvertently actually intentionally, sexy is not affected.
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