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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-24
Brand competition entered the era of global competition, rather than between the Internet brand, or traditional brand with traditional brand competition. International brand in the platform, the dongguan hong yu clothing factory think that is a good news, because both online brand marketing drainage can bring high quality customer, self-improvement, and push the platform to speed up the whole commodity flow, user flow of virtuous circle. Consumers more and more pay attention to the high ratio of performance in the future. The domestic consumer enthusiasm for luxury goods will gradually subside. Next year or the next few years, offline high-magnification brand will be affected by the strong impact of online cost-effective brand, will be gradually transformed into a reasonable cost-effective products, the industry will return to retail real nature. We have the confidence to dongguan hong yu garment factories, such as the Internet brand, will be the impact on profits goods this year, and continue to maintain steady growth and profitability. A piece of clothing to really sell well, there's a lot of work behind it, in addition to the design, material selection, consumer research, version to try it on, after a version to will issue a new customers, for customers to try it on, try it on after customers where the product is bad, ails version, packaging experience where is not good, the price is reasonable, whether there are beyond expectations. Dongguan hong yu clothing factory 15 years focused on the European and American fashion women's clothing, its exquisite craft to guarantee excellent quality, excellent service to create international brand.
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