The opportunities and the reform of the clothing industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-30
New technology bring change, is from the retail end extends to the whole industrial chain. Represented by the Internet, hong yu clothing numerous competitors, seize the opportunity for new technology, is from channel, service, manufacturing, and other links in & other; One good thing came out & throughout; 。 Digital technology, network technology and automation technology in the application and extension of the industry, will improve the industry configuration resources, upstream and downstream of collaborative innovation ability, improve the production efficiency, make industry gradually become smarter. To seize the opportunities brought by science and technology revolution, the industrial revolution, China's garment industry will build new advantages in the global industry pattern. Upgrading of channels and experience not only can expand the product, open the market space, the services themselves have value, even higher than the value of the products in the future. All these will lead to huge market space and business opportunities for the industry development, will become the important engine industry a new round of development. For garment industry, no matter what new concepts, new fashion and new product form, the market demand for products will not change. Hong yu clothing think only seize the essence of things, adhere to the perfect pursuit of technology and quality, do the most pure, the most basic work will give long life products.
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