The pattern of cross-border electricity and in the future

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-05
Low guest unit price, joint demand, small batch production, fast iterative upgrade & hellip; … These traditional clothing enterprises, just become a new clothing enterprises competitive advantage, reflects the cross-border assignment can be made in China electricity industry. With the rapid development of cross-border electricity in China, emerged a large number of the rapid growth of new enterprises, stirred the existing industrial structure, the advantage of cross-border electricity also began to cause widespread attention, the traditional companies are involved in this area. As the pattern of domestic clothing electricity change, started with clothing retail taobao from & other; Tao brand & throughout; Flood warlords regime such as cat today's famous fashion brand, cross-border business the opportunity to emerge in endlessly, countless rookie blue ocean, from emerging s of the new fashion brand, has entered a new stage of traditional famous brand entry. Those in cross-border electric business platform stand out from the new enterprise, has the stronger consciousness of customer, marketing and design and brand concept, in terms of link market, customer communication, more willing to put a low profile, listen to the voices of market and customers, making them the activation of manufacturing capacity, move the market potential of the original ability. Hong yu clothing factory is a set design, production, sales in the integration of modern clothing enterprises, with strong competitiveness in the field of cross-border electricity.
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