The relationship between the clothing store stock good-looking and good pin

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-16
Some people think we are open to a good location, that may be what goods are good sales, sometimes it is really a problem, and the clothes look good and what is the relationship between sales? Some may feel good-looking clothes are better sales, but the reality is not necessarily so, sometimes I think this dress is really very good ah, but why no one to buy? This is your eye problems, their feel good-looking things other people also not feel good, while others feel good-looking clothes may not be good in your eyes, the problem is that sometimes you feel very not good-looking clothes sales is very good, so we have to weigh the issue when stock. Many people go to the clothing wholesale market may find the goods also find yourself feel good-looking, because she felt not good-looking clothes are sniffy about yourself who will value, the problem also has certain truth, actually I'm not up clothing may also don't like others, it may be close to you like the style, but can not everyone likes you that style of clothes, we replenish onr's stock or from the perspective of the public, not to me as the center, in most of the goods not in themselves, but to fit most of the target audience, so clothing store mainly have business mind. Clothing stock when need to choose the design of most people accept, this will increase the sales. Some people go to replenish onr's stock feel once rare, can enter some goods come back, because the model looks really good, so a paragraph into the more quantity, the results back to the formal sales knows not the taste of the customer, if they take less wrong customers taste that won't loss too big, the goods too much pin again not to go out that's not to increase pressure. Sometimes we get a feeling that the not good-looking, that also is not good, I didn't think it is possible that these goods not good-looking, there is a local seller, when you see someone else into the goods sell like hot cakes when you penitence all come not nasty. Clothing store keep a certain style is very important, because a lot of long-term customers are at the store style, if the store style changed, also lost the customers. Also expanding customers is fundamental, around a few regular customer, you will the goods the more the pressure, less and less. Best-selling money to sell more, this is sure the goods market, consumers buy satisfaction is high, after doing the opportunity of VIP.
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