The relationship between the clothing wholesale and pricing strategy

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-15
Clothing will always have their own value, so the clothes should also have a price, whether it be clothing wholesale or retail will set the price, the garment pricing what rules to follow? The clothing should be how to pricing, all with their own strategies, such as the price of a piece of clothing we originally is not too high, and the sale price set too high, you may be led to a decline in sales, so the price of clothing can be decided to the discretion of the sales, and there are a lot of customers don't know should how to pricing clothing, sometimes speak your clothing has unified sales price? How should we bring back the pricing and so on, in fact, clothing pricing is very simple, we can according to the market situation to decide, so you don't have to be afraid of their pricing too high. , although the price of our web site have marked, and also has 10 things up a batch of, but the customer will ask you how many Qian Qi batch clothing, is a how many money can take the goods, some customers are like a how many money of the goods, so afraid of be thousands of works, then actually count also knew, our website has more than ten dollars to a cheap clothes, if only in 10 things can a batch of more than 100 dollars, we sometimes see rules will reduce a lot of time to communicate. There is different season clothes, of course, the price will be different, or according to the quantity to calculate such calculation would be better. There are a lot of customers that you don't want to say the pricing, if we help him set the retail price is how good ah, but I want to say that every place is different, around the consumption ability is different also, if the unified pricing in some places people may think the price is too high, according to local conditions to pricing is better, so I can not put himself fixed in that price, you can adjust according to the circumstance, so prices or oneself hold good. Clothing how to pricing this is indeed a troublesome thing, sometimes the price is too high may sales is not good, sometimes the price is low now and feel lost, I want to do clothing must make a pricing strategy, better pricing strategy to ensure our reasonable prices, so as to let the bay, let us uptick in sales. Our pricing is mainly the meager profit but high turnover, the volume is low, this is to let more people can enter into the garment industry at a lower cost, mixed batch of also can let you at the time of purchase can have more choices.
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