The right way to mask wear method and discarded:

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-02
Due to the recent more people suffer from colds and wear masks to avoid spreading germs, but notice that most of the per capita not correctly wear masks. Therefore, the company to take this opportunity to introduce the correct mask method. The correct mask wear method and mode of discarded: to green, white dichromatic surgical masks, for example, white fabric as the main layer to prevent virus. If it is the patient or I'm afraid I will infect others, should be white cloth cover mouth, white, and green. If it is a healthy person, wearing a mask against the virus, should be white protective layer to the outside, green, and white. If masks have iron, the fixed bar facing, in case of skin damage. And must cover the nose, along the cover must be under the chin. In addition, the mask can't throw away, in the case of green, white surgical masks, masks discarding the right way is green in the outside, to the white layer, furl roll up white layer may be infected with the virus and then thrown away.
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