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The student is going to go to school, do you choose the right mask for your child?

The student is going to go to school, do you choose the right mask for your child?


During the covid 19, the children all took online classes at home. For most children, it does not matter whether it is good or bad, anyway, it is all about learning. But, they are driving a lot of parents. They have to supervise their children to go online on time every day, and check in regularly. It is really a bit of a mental exhaustion. I hope to eliminate the new coronavirus immediately and let the children start school immediately.

Nowadays, with the selfless dedication of all medical staff and the cooperation of the people across the country, the epidemic has been basically controlled. The school should start soon. The days of studying at home are coming to an end.

First. When the children starts school, parents are both happy and worried. Wearing a mask is a big problem

Parents are pleased with the fact that their children are about to start school. But parents were worried,too. I'm glad that I don't have to supervise my child's online class anymore, I am finally going to be free, and a good day is coming. What is worrying is that the epidemic has not been completely controlled, and there is a possibility of resurgence. The school population is very dense, and the consequences of cross infection are unimaginable.

Therefore, it is very necessary to wear a disposable face mask in the school. However, how to choose a child's mask, on what occasions the child should wear the mask, and how to guide the child who is not willing to wear the mask to wear the mask have become another big problem for parents.

Second. how to choose a child's mask

Masks suitable for children are disposable medical surgical masks and disposable medical protective masks, both of which can protect against droplets and prevent the spread of viruses.

When parents choose masks for their children, they must choose a mask suitable for their age. The masks of each age group are designed according to the growth and development characteristics of children of that age group. After wearing, they can fit the cheek of the child more, make the child feel more comfortable, and can better prevent the inhalation of droplets.

Third. On what occasions the child must wear a mask

1. In classrooms and other places where people are dense

2. In public places with high traffic

3. On public transportation

Fourth. how to guide children to wear masks

Wearing a mask is both troublesome and uncomfortable for the child, and the child is not very aware of the dangers of the new coronavirus, so it will be resistant to wearing the mask. Parents must guide their children correctly and let them develop a good habit of wearing masks.

1. Let the children know about the new coronavirus, so as to know the necessity of wearing a mask when going out

2. Parents should be good role models for their children

3. Can play some guiding games with children

The epidemic is basically under control and the school is about to begin. Parents must strengthen their children's awareness of protection, choose appropriate masks for their children, tell them when they must wear masks, and correctly guide children who are resistant to wearing masks to wear masks to ensure their safety and health.

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