The technological process in producing garment processing

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-02-23
The technological process in producing garment processing, A) Garment processing production process inspection into the factory processing fabirc & rarr; Technical preparation & rarr; Cutting & rarr; Sewing & rarr; Lock button nailing & rarr; Finishing & rarr; Garment inspection & rarr; Packaging & rarr; Put in storage or shipment. After the garment processing material into the factory number counting as well as the appearance and intrinsic quality inspection, to meet the requirements of production can be put into production use. First to have the technical preparation before mass production, including process orders, sample making and sample making, sample confirmed by the client to enter the next process. Fabric after cutting, sewing into semi-finished products, after some woven fabric made of semi-finished products, according to the special process requirements, shall be finishing processing, such as wash garment, garment sand, twisting the wrinkle effect processing, etc. , and then through the keyhole button nailing process and finishing process, then through inspection after packaging warehousing. ( 2) Garment processing fabric inspection purpose and requirements of the good fabric quality is an important link in control product quality. Through to the fabric into the factory inspection and measure can effectively improve the functions of clothing. Fabric inspection two aspects including the appearance quality and intrinsic quality. Appearance on the main test whether there is any breakage, smudge, fabric weaving defects, color and so on. Through sand washing fabrics also should pay attention to whether there is a sand, die plait, crack such as sand wash the defect. Affect the appearance of defects must be marked in the inspection note, avoid using when cut. The immanent quality of fabrics mainly include shrinkage, color fastness and g ( Sam m, oz) Three contents. In the sampling inspection, the manufacturer should shearing different production, different varieties, different color representative sample for testing, to ensure the accuracy of the data. Of auxiliary materials into the factory at the same time also must carry on the inspection, such as elastic shrinkage, adhesive lining adhesive fastness, zipper, smooth degree, etc. , on can't conform to the requirements of the materials will not be put into production use. ( 3) Garment processing the main content of technical preparation before mass production, the first thing to do by technicians of technical preparation work before mass production. Technical preparation including process and model of sample development and production of three contents. Technical preparation is to ensure that the mass production proceed smoothly, and eventually finished products conform to the requirements of the customers. Process list is the guidance document in garment processing, to the specifications of the clothing, sewing, finishing, packing and so on are put forward detailed requirements, to the clothing supplementary material collocation, stitch density and other details are also addressed. Garment processing of every working procedure must be strictly reference to process a single request. Requirements of making the model size accurate, complete specifications. Related parts contour accurately. Samples should be marked on the clothing style, and quality requirements, specifications, wire strand directions, and the model of composite chop about joining together. , after fulfilling the process list and the formulation of the model for small batch production of sample, in view of the customer and process requirements of timely and correct discrepancies, and to research technology difficulties, in order to mass flow operation smoothly. Sample confirmation after being signed by the customer become one of the important test basis. ( 4) Cutting process requirement before cutting according to the sample draw discharging figure, & other; Complete, reasonable, save & throughout; Is the basic principle of discharge. The main technological requirements in cutting process is as follows: ( 1) Drag the number, please check when pay attention to avoid the defect. ( 2) For different batch dyeing or sand wash to batch fabric, to prevent color difference phenomenon to appear on the garment. For a fabric color difference phenomenon existing in the horse must carry on the color difference of row material.
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