The type of fabric and basic common sense

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-25
We all wear clothing in the fabric, fabric is the main material used to make clothing. And as one of the three elements of clothing, foreign trade clothing OEM small make up that the fabric can not only interprets the characteristics and style of the clothing, but also directly drives the clothing modelling, colour, the performance of the effect. In the fashion world, clothing fabrics with each passing day, multifarious. But foreign trade clothing OEM small make up tell you on the whole, high-quality, high-grade fabrics, mostly with wearing comfortable, overhang crisp, absorb sweat breathe freely, noble vision, touch soft, etc. In formal social occasions to wear the clothes, appropriate chooses cotton, pure wool, pure silk, pure hemp products, with the four natural texture of fabric making clothes, are mostly high class. Now, foreign trade clothing OEM small make up the fabric of the characteristics of common respectively introduce some simple. 1, gird themselves with sackcloth, marijuana, Manila hemp, ramie, jute, sisal hemp fiber made of a fabric. Is generally used to make work shirts, casual wear, now also use it to make ordinary summer wear. Its main advantage is high strength, moisture absorption, thermal conductivity, good air permeability. The disadvantage of it is not very comfortable to wear, appearance is relatively rough, hard. 2, silk silk, with silk as raw materials of textile all kinds of silk. Like cotton, its many varieties and different personality. It can be used to make all kinds of clothing, especially suitable for making women's clothes. Its advantage is thin, fit, soft, smooth, breathable, colorful, full of sheen, nobility is elegant, wear comfortable. Its shortage is wrinkle easily, easy to absorb, and not strong enough, faded quickly. 3, cotton cloth, cotton is the floorboard of all kinds of cotton textiles. It is used to make more fashion, casual wear, underwear and shirts. Its advantage is easy to keep warm, soft personal, hygroscopicity, permeability is good. The disadvantage of it is that easy to shrink, easy to wrinkle, beautiful appearance is crisp, must often ironing when wearing. 4, wool, wool and wool, it is to use all kinds of wool, wool woven fabric. It is usually used to make dresses, suits, coats and other formal, high-end clothing. It has the advantage of crease resistant wear resistant, soft, elegant and crisp, full of elasticity, warmth retention property is strong. Its shortcoming is mainly washing is difficult, is not suitable for summer wear. 5, leather, leather is a tanning and into animal fur fabric. How to make it fashion, winter clothing. And can be divided into two categories: one is the leather, namely after unhairing process of leather. Second, fur, namely the processed even belt leather. It has the advantage of light warm and elegant. The disadvantage of it is expensive, storage, care the demand is higher, should not be so popular. 6, blended blending, is the natural fiber and chemical fiber according to certain proportion, mix of textile fabric, can be used to manufacture all kinds of clothing. Its strengths, it is both absorbed cotton, hemp, silk, wool and chemical fiber, their respective advantages, and as much as possible to avoid their shortcomings, and relatively low in value, so popular. 7, chemical fiber, chemical fiber, chemical fiber. Foreign trade clothing OEM small make up to tell you it is the use of high molecular compound as a raw material of fiber and textiles. It is usually divided into two major categories, artificial fiber and synthetic fiber. Their common advantage is colourful, texture soft, drape crisp, smooth and comfortable. Their weakness is abrasion resistance, heat resistance, low hygroscopicity, permeability, easy to deformation when it is heated, prone to static electricity. Although it can be used to make all kinds of clothing, but the overall level is not high, of the difficult to appeal.
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