The use of dust mask attention and time constraint

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-04-28
1. Dust mask without oxygen, it is not in an oxygen concentration is lower than 19. Using 5% of hypoxia environment. 2. Dust mask can't arrive in harmful concentration can be immediately threatening lives and health, IDLH) Concentration applied environments, not in the damage of dust mask don't know the environment of use, not in harmful concentration beyond 10 times clean touch limit concentrations using the applicable work, or on the basis of OSHA particularly harmful thing to pm2. 5 mask specifications or applicable government regulations in the rules under the concentration of use, the meantime concentration lower shall prevail. 3. Cannot be modified and disorderly with dust mask. 4. When the facial hair, hair or other respirators conditions can affect the face with a mask seal tight fit between dust mask is unable to be used. 5. For some air pollutants, respirators may help to maintain the lungs, however, it cannot prevent pests through other ways, such as skin enter the body, this kind of circumstance needs other personal protective equipment. 6. Respirators planning/professional people use for adult work, should be in the proper training, understand the use method and constraint rear can use. The respirator is not planning for children. 7. For some respiratory diseases, such as asthma or emphysema, before wearing protective masks, should first consult a doctor. Using the time constraints: when the dust mask damage, dirt, or feel the breathing resistance increased significantly, should leave the pollution area, replace the new masks.
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