The Various Types of Shoes

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-13
In a smart casual outing or a formal outing, a dress shoe matches very well with a formal dress. A dress shoe usually transforms into an athletic shoe. It is a hot favorite footwear in parties, dance and special occasions. Some comfortable and fashionable dress shoes for men are: 1) Monks 2) Oxfords 3) Loafers 4) Derbies Black, silver, gold, and white are some common color in women dress shoes. Some common types are: 1) Sandals 2) Sling backs 3) Loafers 4) Ballet flats 5) Mules 6) Pumps 7) High heeled shoes Slip-on shoe Slip-ons mean the lace-less shoes. Slip-ons first appeared in the mid-1930s from Norway. They are available in a wide variety of colors and designs. Often featuring tassels on the front or metal decorations they are quite fashionable. Semi oxford style is also available with laces of elastic that are stretchable. Clog (shoe) Clogs are shoes or sandals made out of wood. Wooden soled and steel pegged version of the clogs is also available. A clog is a special type of shoe worn while clog dancing. Similar to tap shoes but makes different sound. They are comfortable slip-ons. They are made of leather for comfort with the bottom part made out of wood. Some of these come with heels and is an accepted world wide as popular footwear. Clogs in some regions are worn by workers as protective clothing in factories, farms and mines. This shoe is very powerful when it comes to protecting your feet in those kinds of environments. Flip-flops Flip-flops are an open type of outdoor footwear. It consists of flat soles held loosely on the foot by a Y-shaped strap. This type of footwear is not capable of securing ankles. But these are very good for casual wear.
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