Through the body know pick clothes rule, hide your fat place!

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-19
This time, had to teach you A different shape: how to choose clothes first before you start the might as well look at their shape, and size into five categories: individual strawberries - under the bust or more wide, narrow around/choice left shoulder, v-necks, or will wear A key card down and dongguan horn sleeve clothing factory deep V/bifurcation, lace-up pure color pleated blouse pear - narrow above the waist, hips A wide/suitable for wide shoulder line or frame sleeve, dongguan clothing factory sexy/balance hips right to backless accept waist pure color pleated dress hourglass - chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference equal size narrow/almost any clothes are suitable garment factory dongguan one shoulder inclined collar stitching falbala fishtail dress apple - the gap between bust and waist don't reveal/avoid too good-fitting clothing garment factory dongguan Europe and the United States new bow tie with stitching width of A rectangle - shoulder to hip bump color dress to present A word skirt shape line/with or tick the lumbar curve beam mouth dress clothing factory dongguan new spring and summer of 2019, A word skirt neck lace
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