Transformation and upgrading of garment enterprises should strengthen the enterprise cost savings

by:HongYu Apparel     2021-01-18
Throughout the year for domestic garment enterprises, has been a cold winter, so to speak. Can solve the backlog of inventory, get through the marketing channels of foreign markets, has become a headache problem. How to increase sales and how to clothing to inventories, may every enterprise is different, some companies said can try out a brand road, and some may have a different point of view, and the brand can let companies out of a way to success may everyone is trying to, and then someone put forward the objection, feel the brand can not let enterprise successful transformation. An increase in the price of brand clothing but some enterprise's performance is still falling, some companies a year doesn't replenish onr's stock to digest inventory. Privately and peer communication, a lot of clothing industry declines 20% ~ 30% last year, also faces the inventory pressure. Last year, some clothing for 10 years, felt unprecedented pressure. On the one hand is the clothing threshold is low, clothing production increases, on the other hand is sales difficulties. Hangzhou sijiqing clothing market more than clothing wholesale households, said local clothing wholesale households and a number of inventory pressure is 20% higher than in 2011, this is quite a large number, if the normal operation of stores, consume less inventory about 1 year, some even to 2 ~ 3 years. Brand clothing situation seems not optimistic, and this kind of cases, there are countless unknown enterprise still ongoing brand transition, so someone said that under the environment of the enterprise brand as if also is not a wise choice. But if the garment factory is not on a path to transformation and upgrading, if don't walk the brand the road what other good method? The personage inside course of study gives this advice, we in the clothing enterprise transformation of the way to enhance their brand influence, in the domestic good brand marketing, and the production of clothing you want order to foreign garment factory production, according to the understanding of production workers in Bangladesh a monthly salary of about 500 yuan to 600 yuan, the Yangtze river and pearl river delta manufacturing base of Chinese workers salary must be at least 2000 yuan a month. Even to overseas to the domestic transportation cost into account, still can save 5% ~ 10% of operating costs, can create higher profits and help get rid of low price competition, cost saving more competitive as we also transformation of choice for the development of clothing enterprises.
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