Trend of men's body reveals a good influence in the wholesale market

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-13
Men are different from women's wear sexy, charming, beautiful, before we see on the major wholesale markets are full of beautiful things in the most beautiful women's clothing, variety of styles, but men's wear little series, mainly toward a more, but now is constantly update, the men's clothing series appeared quite different change, no longer is less poor style and design, now reflect a menswear into atmosphere, interesting and fashion, fashion men's clothing is why there are so influential? Is the & # 8221; Because professional, so excellence & # 8221; 。 New fashion men's wear, deductive strength, leading people to feel young, fashionable, high quality life experience pleasant fashion feeling, see the men's clothing market consumption potential, wear a man style, meet have poise of man, fashion taste, and his charm, increasingly difficult to resist, the trend of men's is not far away, the true high quality men's clothing, leading the fashion, they have excellent designers from all over the country, they kept in full of fashionable breath heavily, to capture the latest fashion information, and trends, and in the brain full of inspiration elegantly beautiful drawings in the paint, run away with their pairs of dab hand sketch the forefront of the fashion clothing, confident and easy/handsome elegant luxurious. Ingredient: achieve excellence in technology and material, strict control on the production line of each line, at the same time in the product more application of clipping, buttons, zippers, such as process to come up with a variety of ways to make the product can reflect the style of fashion and not make public, atmosphere and not old, contracted and not simple, trend and not similar, all details not reflect the style of fashion in the distance. Category: cotton windbreaker jacket down T-shirt shirt sweater vests slacks jeans tie hat belt is very rich, such as series. Style: advocating independence and freedom, innovation, concise, casual style, the trend of performance of fashionable breath at the same time reveal modern city gens of youth and vitality, with a hint of naivety in the expensive gas energy, create green tide people 'civilian good temperament and noble is changed' comfortable and carefree luxury appeal, the confidence, vitality of the men dressed like a star fashion, confidence and dazzling, custom for men's 'new fashion', both young and trend, urban, recreational style. Consumption positioning: positioning in the age of 20 - Between 35 to keen on the pursuit of urbanization, fashionable, elegant urban men, embodied in the form of fashion taste life, nor can the pursuit of individual character image upgrade of the mass consumer groups. Suitable for men's wear in the body, and a unique style, can be a good show in his charm. Let us together to find the most suitable for their own fashion men's clothing.
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