Understanding the Importance of a Beekeeping Suit

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-02
Among the beekeeping equipment that a beekeeper will need, the beekeeping suit is probably one of the most important. But no matter how protective your beekeeping suit is, chances are you will still get stung by the bees. Although with the correct type of beekeeping suit, you will be stung less often than without it. If you are new in the beekeeping field, it is a must that you wear the complete set of beekeeping suit. The set includes an overall jumpsuit, helmet with veil and gloves. As you get used to beekeeping, you can do away with the other outfit such as the overall jumpsuit and gloves. This will give you more chance to move freely and manipulate the hives. However, the veil should be kept in order to protect your face and eyes. Even though the beekeeper is an expert or not, it is still advisable to wear the complete gear of beekeeping suit. The overall jumpsuit should be always made with light color and smooth fabric. The suit is usually white; this is to prevent the beekeeper from being mistaken as the predator of the bees. Most bee predators are dark in color like the bear. It should have elastic ends at the wrist and ankle parts. This is to prevent any opening on the suit that may allow the bees to enter. The gloves should also be worn by the beekeeper; however the gloves can be heavy and will make you clumsy in handling the frames. Most gloves are made of leather, but for more comfort on the part of the beekeeper, gloves made of canvas and cotton are also available. Some beekeepers are having a hard time harvesting the honey if they are wearing heavy-duty gloves. Hence the need for protective and lighter gloves is seen by the glove makers. Wearing beekeeping suits do not mean that the beekeeper will be safe from bee stings. No matter how much you learned about bees, and even if you think that you already understand the behavior of your bees, it is still normal to get stung by them from time to time. It can help lessen the side effects of bee sting, but a beekeeper is truly not free from the risk of getting stung. It is important to be prepared to any attack by the bees anytime during rearing or harvesting period.
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