Use disposable surgical masks the note is what

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-15
Note when wear disposable surgical masks have a lot of things is to pay attention to, the first is not able to reuse these masks, this was prohibited, and not only so, average pm2. At most 5 masks took eight hours will need to change the mask. And face mask in use of time attention can not trade with two sides, this is very dangerous, to know the outside of the mask are bacteria, the surgical masks with very unsafe. And you must see to it that when not wearing clean side of the inside and on the envelope. 1, if a mask is exhaled hot or wet saliva, cut off the germs of mask effect could be greatly reduced. So, usually best for more a few masks, used to replace. 2, if it is in the hospital and other places of high risk, regardless of age, mask once get it, not to use, to avoid hand touching the face mask produce pollution. 3, when wearing or pick the mask, hand may come into contact with the attached to the bacteria on the surface of the mask, in order to reduce the chance of transmitted by contact, should pay special attention to cleaning and disinfection of hands. And pay attention to the body at ordinary times to take a few masks, it can be used to replace. Also note that in places like hospitals will lose if the mask off, can't use again, because the hospital this place may be infected with bacteria, viruses, etc. , on must be alert in advance.
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