Vietnam - The new trend of China's textile industry

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-11-05
As the trans-pacific partnership agreement ( Tpp) Basic agreement, as a major exporter of textile, clothing and footwear manufacturing, Vietnam after the TPP was adopted can enjoy zero tariff, the Vietnam became a FangQi heart & other; Heaven & throughout; 。 And want to reach to this & other; Heaven & throughout; , FangQi had to be subordinated to the pact is the & in the other A yarn & throughout; The principle, The textiles and clothing can only adopt imported from the United States and other TPP countries yarns and fabrics) Will companies moved to Vietnam. Especially for China FangQi will join the TPP, & other; Run away & throughout; Has become the essential choice of survival. Many companies began to layout the Vietnam market as early as a few years ago, recently the news are still there. On November 13, Lu Thai Textile Co. , Ltd announced that plans to invest $30 million to set up lutai ( Vietnam) Garments co. , LTD, engaged in spinning and the production of yarn-dyed fabric. Jian sheng group sending two announcement on October 15, plans to invest in Vietnam. Waffer color spinning clothing companies such as spinning, BaiLong Oriental are also intensify investment in Vietnam. Some multinational companies are also beginning to adjust the share, will be more orders to southeast Asia. At present, Vietnam has replaced China as Nike brand is the world's largest production base of sneaker. “ Vietnam is the first choice for China's textile industry to go out. ” Store group chairman, hong day to think, it is also a kind of exercise, to the Chinese enterprise in the TPP 12 signatories, only the Vietnam textile and garment industry the most competitive, he proposed that competent Chinese enterprises to Vietnam to open a factory, & other; But not all companies are fit to go out, if not walk out also will not necessarily good at home, Vietnam is good, but not go to Vietnam, what problem is solved. ” It is understood that the store opened with 1. 25 million pounds of investment in Vietnam, scale up to $800 million, for the Chinese mainland enterprises in the investment scale. “ Vietnam estimate would be another textile production center in Asia. ” Ministry of Commerce of foreign investment and economic cooperation department director Chen Zhong held in 2015 China's textile industry & other; Go out & throughout; Communication conference said. According to Chen Zhong, according to a series of data given in the overseas investment of Chinese enterprises have nearly 3 m, among them, the foreign investment in the textile and garment industry, 802 companies. In it, formed a group of powerful international companies. According to the latest figures released by the Vietnam textile association, 1 - this year In September, Vietnam cotton imports rose as high as 44. 2%, Vietnam in September alone imports cotton 100000 tons, export enterprises in the fourth quarter and the first quarter of next year orders, enthusiastically cotton import is expected to remain in the growth rate of more than 50%. As the textile industry increasingly fierce competition, hong yu as a member of the textile industry, also felt the pressure of competition in the industry, we are also looking for different development opportunity, all staff collaboration, help enterprise to develop into another height, in textile industry based on forever.
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