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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-06-17
MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN This article warns middle-aged women about the wrong dress style. It also explains how to select the best dresses for maximizing their image and looking younger. DRESS STYLE This article warns middle-aged women about the wrong dress style. It also explains how to select the best dresses for maximizing their image and looking younger. When you're sixteen you can wear anything and look good. But when you're over thirty you have to use a little more savvy to look your best. Middle-aged women should therefore look at the research about what dress styles work best. The fact is that many middle-aged women are wearing clothes that make them look older, when a simple change could take decades off their age. The simplest way to achieve this age defying look is to stop wearing prints. Research indicates that prints make you look older. Prints can be a pattern that is obvious in a dress or a repeating series of flowers, lines, or paisley type designs. Prints can also refer to any figures or faces that are imprinted upon a garment. Prints can also refer to artwork that is woven into a dress, such as a Picasso painting or even a Rembrandt or Leonardo da Vinci. None of these patterns will flatter you. Avoid them like the plague. WHY PRINTS ARE BAD FOR MIDDLE-AGED WOMEN Prints may look nice on a wall in a frame, but on a dress they make you look older. Why should this be? The reason is that prints distract from the full body solid and monochromatic tone that will reinforce your facial contrast. The face and hair of a woman form a contrast level, either high contrast (black hair and white face, for example), medium contrast (light brown hair and white skin), or low contrast (blonde hair and fair skin tone). You need to replicate that contrast level (high, medium, or low) in your outfit for maximum effect. You can only do this effectively with solid colors in your blouses, pants, skirts, and dresses. Prints distract from that contrast level and therefore are ineffective for maximizing your image. HOW TO DRESS If you have black hair and white skin, wear black slacks and a white shirt. This picks up and duplicates your face and hair contrast level (high contrast) and maximizes your image. If you have light brown hair and white skin, wear a khaki skirt and a yellow shirt for a medium contrast outfit. If you are a black woman with black hair (low contrast) or a blonde with white skin (low contrast) wear monochromatic outfits, that is, the same color blouse and slacks, or a solid dress, not a pattern. It should be noted that the above-listed outfit suggestions can be varied as there are many ways to achieve high, medium, and low contrast. For example, another high contrast outfit is a black blouse matched with a white skirt. I hope you get the idea. The bottom line is that if you're a middle-aged woman you can take decades off your look by avoiding patterns. Instead, wear solids that pick up and duplicate your face and hair contrast level. You'll notice that people react to you as if you were in your teens or twenties. Copyright (c) 2010 William Cane
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