Wearing a mask to four step of science

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-01
Beijing municipal industrial and commercial department law recently found out that multiple brands 'prevent mist haze' mask of hypocrisy, 'prevent mist haze' and 'the PM2. 5 'such as' 100% security 'to promote the practice of exaggerated masks and language. Mask is one of the important protective many people cope with haze weather, wearing a mask what is fastidious? The PM2. 5 civilian mask specification not issued recently, Beijing haidian BeiTaiPingZhuang industrial and commercial bureau for industry and commerce site gauze mask jurisdiction pharmacy inspection found that the brand is not printed masks 'PM2. 5 'and other words. Workers showed that the country has not issued the PM2. 5 civilian mask produce specification, the current mask produce specifications for all necessary to arrive with the homework dust environment industry specifications. About PM2. Level 5 air particulate matter protection to maximum is 93. 'Safety on 9%, mask hundred', filter effects 99% of promote the practice of exaggerated masks and language achievements. Query according to the Ministry of Commerce and industry, some brand masks used in 'a white bubble', 'double micro filter', 'ease absolutely promote language' is the company's registered trademark, is requesting the current no marking. Company shipped without problem for non-woven mask with the registered trademark and printed on the product, easy to mislead consumers. Wearing a mask, wash your hands before have now autumn, sooner or later, the temperature change is bigger, the climate change is relatively sensitive citizens, can choose to wear disposable medical surgical masks may be more than 12 layer gauze masks. Science wearing masks should be four steps. A washing: wash your hands, avoid pollution clean hand mask inside; Two hang: will mask on the face on the nose and mouth, use both hands to both ends of the rope on the ears; Three: hands up and down direction together ruffle spread out the masks, masks can be completely cover your mouth and nose and chin; Four pressure: with both hands index finger press the metal strips on both sides of the bridge of the nose, the upper respirator can close to the bridge of the nose. In addition, medical surgical masks have positive and negative double-sided, wearing a mask, should let color darker side, namely the facing out blue or green, side took with lighter color, close to the face. Masks points up and down, still have one side of the metal strip is upper, wear should be close to the bridge of the nose. Carefully choose fashionable colorful masks some young girls wanting a beautiful colourful masks. Xiangyang hospital, said professor guo xi heng respiratory generally qualified masks are generally colorless face mask, its raw materials are made of gauze and non-woven fabrics, without any chemical treatment, no peculiar smell, permeability and filterability and are very good, so is more safe and clean. Most fashionable colorful masks for chemical fiber fabrics, pictures and colour also is made after dyeing, can affect the smell, some colorful masks list colour of indeterminacy of dispute, coupled with poor permeability, while using and beautiful, but health danger. Haze days children should protective response to haze, in addition to the face mask, air purifier is one of the tool. Now many parents are purchasing the household air purifier for the child, some parents also to raise money for the kindergarten has increased air purifier. Little imagine, here it is. Beijing university of Chinese medicine professor Xu Rongqian show that infants and young children under the age of ten short nasal cavity and nasal cavity filter is less, MAO about harmful material filtering ability is very limited, with low immunity, does need to be maintained. Therefore, in the fog day for children for proper maintenance is necessary, however, because the child respiratory system vulnerable, selection of air purifier purify the effect are of greater concern. Detailed to do three see: a look at the level of filter material; The second depends on the thickness of the filter, natural as thick as possible; The third design depends on air duct, the greater the wind purification to the stronger.
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