Wearing a mask useful at four o 'clock, please remember to choose good masks are enforced

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-05-03
Now the fog haze weather 'popular', especially in big cities. Since the winter a lot of office worker bought a thick cotton masks, to and from work every day wear, on the one hand, to prevent the cold wind tangy relieve nasal cavity, on the other hand, can stop the dust in the ash haze weather. However little masks against the cold wind stop rhinitis 'cold'. Case: speaking of the things to from ten days ago. 'Itchy nose, nasal congestion, very afflictive, don't know where to catch now. But when the spring, 'a female white-collar before will have allergic rhinitis, but with some medicine to control symptoms, didn't expect such a big cold weather this year. Son to make dirty her mask in the evening the day before yesterday, the results in the early morning yesterday ms useless mask, silk scarf around the directly go out, unexpectedly, more than the mask to use. 'Feel symptoms is not so serious, is it mask out of the question? 'Woman a little surprised. Cotton wool allergy should not wear cotton masks the original ms this rhinitis, is typical of the allergic rhinitis, and she is more sensitive to cotton wool. Women go out when the temperature is relatively low, the cold air stimulation cause rhinitis attack, this is more common. 'But lady in order to prevent more cold air suction, and choose to wear cotton masks, and she is allergic to cotton, aggravate the symptom of rhinitis. 'In many clinical patients are in the process of preliminary treatment, sensory symptoms improved don't insist on treatment, so that no standard treatment, it's easy to let perennial rhinitis ambush down, when external conditions change, it is easy to induce the outbreak of rhinitis. Mask selected dai learned 1, choose masks should first consider whether to conform to the hygiene standards. Masks with gauze as well, the other fabric permeability is bad, too thin, too thick and affect breathing. Gauze masks have layers of distinction, layer number of too little of the mask, the effect was less than protection, had better choose 9 to 12 floor. 2, when to buy a mask, it is important to note whether any product registration number on product packaging, some normal manufacturer will specified on the packaging information such as product standards, production license. Common surgical masks, though style is simple, cheap, and the hygienic standard, also have certain heat preservation function, can be at ease use. Before 3, wearing a mask and wash your hands before and after take off the mask, mask should be completely cover nose and mouth and chin, if there is any breakage or stain, should be replaced immediately. 4, wore generally not more than six hours, to the daily change once, when washing should be blanching for 5 minutes, then scrub with soap and clean water after exposure to sterilization in the hot sun. To introduce the haze weather above wearing a mask to note, in recent years, the pollution is more and more serious, a lot of people will appear breathing kind disease, especially in the cities are more it should be noted that the above is to introduce you to wear a face mask method, hope everyone wearing a mask in the haze weather should pay attention to.
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