Weifang where clothing wholesale market how to pick up the goods

by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-13
1. Weifang weifang trade city of yiwu wholesale market in China. Yiwu trade city is located at the junction of dostict of beihai road and changning street east, west two areas, the total area of 74 mu, total construction area of 80000 square meters, 1800 shops, with a total investment of 3. 200 million yuan, mainly wholesale, retail mall is complementary, include eight major categories of more than 50000 varieties. Architectural style is given priority to with Europe type, main body are all four layers. The project total investment 400 million yuan. Is a new type of comprehensive wholesale market wholesale, retail subsidiary, management is divided into high-quality goods market, famous brand discount store, sunshine city children garment city, Paris, on the leather pavilion, sweet household workshop, craft jewelry city, international textile city, etc. , supplemented by the Chinese cuisine street and entertainment, hotel and other projects, meet the demand of 'one-stop', is the chief business hub of weifang. 2. Weifang high-density qilu textile garment city weifang, high-density textile garment city is located in gaomi city yi Ann avenue and dense water street interchange, commercial, office, conference and exhibition, home, leisure, warehousing, logistics in one. Main products: cloth trade, textile raw materials, high-quality goods clothing, decorative cloth, etc. Textile industry as the density of the traditional industries, take a place more than 40%, the proportion of gross domestic product (GDP) in order to promote the traditional industry upgrading, creating famous brand, enhance the competitiveness of their products, recently, the qilu textile city &qingdao in high-density arises at the historic moment. The city is located in gaomi city yi Ann avenue and dense water street, covers an area of more than 300 acres, 220000 square meters of building area, commercial, office, conference and exhibition, home, leisure, warehousing, logistics in one. 3. International electricity costume city weifang weifang Milky Way galaxy international electricity garment city, is a forward-looking layout clothing wholesale market future trend, as a new mode of electricity, entities in the market and mature electric business platform closely with electric business clothing wholesale market. The total planning area of 60 square meters, has been built 43 square meters. To the livelihood of the people from shandong weifang kuiwen district health street street, to the main shaft along siping road. Garment city based on the industry of international textile city of weifang Milky Way, through the industry chain extension, upstream link Internet financial center in shandong and shandong textile clothing creative design base, financial industry and design communication resources, the downstream extension to finished product market, such as clothing with the aid of electric business platform and innovation model, has formed a complete industrial chain. Weifang Milky Way international electricity garment city attaches great importance to the parties, China textile industry association awarded the project 'China textile and apparel e-commerce innovation incubation base' title. As a key project of weifang, weifang government attaches great importance to and give strong support and promotion, and enjoy various preferential policies.
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