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by:HongYu Apparel     2020-12-13
Speak of the characteristics of the south, you have to tell me about the most impressive & other Back to south day & throughout; , south back to the day, the glass is wet, the quilt is wet, also didn't dry clothes for a week, also made a mould, feeling all the mushrooms, in the south there is more than you were wet with the distance to the world, people call the characteristics of a western style name eve ~ ~ underwear ~ Mao Dechuan deccan, cloth, this is the south characteristic, do you have the same mood the same distress? Weather in such a depressed, upset, dongguan hong yu clothing to bring you a piece of fresh and fashion, it is by the good quality, wear comfortable and relaxed, the style of fashion and personality rayon crepe blouse a: JASI& CO: contrast color leisure personality joker jacket olive green/black, wine red/black color, even though the main color is the eternal classic color is popular this year, upper body effect is very individual character and comfortable, joker and novel. JASI& CO: color printing into relaxed and comfortable recreational temperament shirt rayon crepe fabric, don't, novel and unique printing on classic shirt version, fashion characteristics of lotus leaf cuff, namely three leisure fashion and intriguing woman flavour. JASI& CO: split lace top popular fashion and personality split design, unique lotus leaf sleeve, add fashion lace and tassel, namely have knight's directness, freedom and women's unique charm and sex appeal all the design feels strong, novel styles, diverse elements of rayon crepe blouse isn't enough to make you relaxed and the whole back to south day, is not it doesn't matter, there is a lot more coat, and a variety of let you feel the beauty of the relic of great garment in dongguan hong yu clothing, waiting for you, please lock: http://www. dnj99。 com/lyq。 超文本标记语言
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