What about the scale of Hongyu Apparel?
Hongyu Apparel Company Limited. is a professional casual dress pants womens supplier who mainly does business with small and medium-sized purchasers. With advanced production equipment and strong technology strength, we guarantee products to be of unique design and reliability in use. There are many professional and skilled employees in our company who have been devoted themselves to serving customers for years.

Hongyu Apparel engages in manufacturing tunic tops for women with stable quality. Hongyu Apparel's kids jumpsuits series include multiple types. tunic tops for women has tremendous technological and design combination. Its fabric is hypoallergenic with quality fibre and dye. The application field of this product is wide. Our customers use it in apparel, furnishing decorative, automobile, medical, astronautics and military industries. It can be customized for all ages.

HongYu Apparel aims to be a professional custom dress manufacturer who can offer the best service. Call now!
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