What are main products to Hongyu Apparel?
Hongyu Apparel Company Limited. has a professional factory to produce high-quality products. The african dress styles for ladies we produce meets the ISO9001 standard. We are constantly looking for the best materials and components to produce quality products. Thanks to our excellent manufacturing capabilities, reliable quality control testing procedures and sufficient production capacity, our company always guarantees perfect results and delivers them to our customers in a timely manner.

Hongyu Apparel is a professional tunic tops for women manufacturer. Hongyu Apparel's women pants series include multiple types. High technical assurance and first-class quality can be seen on couple outfits. High quality stitching gives it the strength to withstand washing or moving. The product is ecologically friendly than other types of bulbs, as it doesn't contain toxic chemicals such as mercury and is completely recyclable. It will not be pulled out of shape with time.

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